Why Is Honey So Important?

Let's Tell You About 100% Ontario Honey

100% Honey

The Ontario Beekeepers' Association (OBA) wants to let you know a very BIG secret! Ontario Bees and Ontario Beekeepers produce some of the best honey in the world and it's available to you through our OBA members and retail stores in Ontario that support local beekeepers. Look for the new 100% Ontario Honey Logo to ensure you are getting quality 100% Ontario Honey.

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The story behind 100% Ontario Honey

Ontario Beekeepers are dedicated and hard working. It takes a lot of work to produce the quality Ontario Honey for you to use besides getting the product to market. Traditionally, beekeepers sold at ‘farm-gate' (right from the farm), at the local market or maybe through a local retail grocery store. Beekeepers still do this, but some also sell through the internet and specialty stores. Ontario beekeepers also provide large amounts of honey to the food processing industry.

You will find more than Honey! Besides just blended regular honey you can find honey that has unique flavouring such as clover, alfalfa, summer blossom, lavender and many more. Honey can be in liquid form, creamed or in honey combs. There are also a vast amount of honey ‘value-added' products that you can find. Soaps, balms, candles, bee pollen...the list is long.