All About Honey

There's more to Honey than just sweetness

As with the better vintage wines, there is an incredible array of flavours of honey depending on the flowers visited and the region of origin. The sweet honeydew (from trees) or nectar (from flowers) that is gathered by the bees, stored and matured in the hive, and processed carefully by the beekeeper gives each honey its specific flavours, strength or mildness, colour and consistency.

In Ontario you will discover a range of wonderful honeys. Beekeepers offer wildflower, blueberry, lavender, basswood, goldenrod, clover and summer blossom. The names beekeepers put on the labels will be as unique as the flavours in the jar.

Like fine wine, you can develop descriptors for honey that will describe its unique flavour, complexity and consistency. Think of honey as having:

  • The consistency of: smooth, thick, balanced or buttery light
  • The essence of: meadow, tangy grass
  • Or the scents of: lavender, blueberries, rainforest, wax or daisies
  • The flavour of: orange marmalade, violets, or citrus rind
  • Tastes of: pear, wood, musk, baked apples or roses

But like quality wine, honey can be complex and transitional when you taste it.

Think of how citrus, cilantro, lemon or even words like 'leather and wood' can describe complex flavours. Recall how tastes can change even with one bite, popping out several unique flavours at once.

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Ontario Honey

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